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heart_of_empire's Journal

A Luther Arkwright Fan Community
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heart of empire
A Luther Arkwright Fan Community

This is all still a work in progress, but I hope this can be a place for fans of the Luther Arkwright comics and/or the related Big Finish audio play to come together to share reviews, fanfic, fanart, and other related fannish-ness regarding our love for the story and its characters.

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Posting Rules:

+ Most importantly, stay on topic. For example, I know some of us might be here because we are fans of, say, David Tennant, but posting about David Tennant on subjects that are not relevant to the Luther Arkwright universe (for example, Doctor Who, unless in the conext of a cross-over piece) are off-topic.
+ Be nice to each other. Sure, we can have a few heated debates here and there, but please stay respectful to one another.
+ Fanart, fan fiction, and other fannish-offerings are very much encouraged, but if you post something that is sexually explicit, please put it behind an lj-cut and put a warning for the rating.
+ Large pictures should be posted behind an lj-cut.

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Links of interest:

+ Bryan Talbot: Official Fanpage
+ Adventures of Luther Arkwright [Wikipedia entry]
+ Adventures of Luther Arkwright [Big Finish audio]
+ GURPS: Adventures of Luther Arkwright
+ Adventures of Luther Arkwright [Warren Ellis review]

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